My experience at InterDrone 2017 as a drone hobbyist

17 September 2017

Interdrone is the biggest commercial drone conference and expo. People from the UAV industry come from all around the world to attend this 3-day event. But as a drone hobbyist is it really worth going? and what can you take out of it if you do?

It was my first time at InterDrone this year. I had heard about it previously but never really thought about going. So when I submitted my video "New Zealand - South island" to the InterDrone Film Festival, I thought it might be a good excuse to go check it out even if my video might not be shown. And it was not, it made it to the official selection but only the 2 finalist videos of each category were shown at the festival. If you are interested you can watch my video below.

So yes, InterDrone is not only a commercial drone conference it also has a film frestival. Although the festival holds a very small part since it only lasts for about 2 hours. But you get to see amazing aerial videos of creators from around the world.

InterDrone takes place at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas. I was staying at the Gold Coast hotel right next to it which was very convenient and I had found a great deal for a room online. When I went into the Rio hotel the first thing I noticed is that there was no sign indicating where the InterDrone expo was happening, and if you have ever been to the Rio hotel, you know it is not small. So after walking around for a little while I saw some people wearing InterDrone tags and they pointed me in the right direction. After a quick registration to get my own tag, I went in the exhibit hall. And there was a lot of companies showcasing their work.

My InterDrone tag

I am not going to talk about all the company booths I have seen but I will share with you the ones that I liked the most or that surprised.

Design - PowerVision

With their PowerRay and PowerEgg I thought the coolest looking drones. The first one is not an aerial drone but it is a drone nonetheless, and I don't know what you think but I love the design. You can see the PowerEgg in action in the video at the end of this post.